If you have words in place and you want to make sure they’re the best they can be, let’s talk! I can give you everything from a quick fact-check to an in-depth review of tone, flow, and structure.

This can include:

  • Grammar and spelling
  • Fact checking
  • Line edits
  • Style guide adherence*
  • Structure
  • Voice and tone

*I prefer the Chicago Manual of Style, but will happily adapt to any style guide you are using, even if it’s company-specific. If you’re not sure which you prefer we can discuss the differences between them.


We’re living in a digital world, but there’s more to it than just getting the words on paper (so to speak).

Have you structured your blog’s heading hierarchy correctly? Are keywords in the best places to improve your content’s ranking? Just want to save time and have someone to update your content into WordPress? I have your back!

This can include:

  • Alt text
  • Calls to action
  • Content management system uploading
  • Conversion rate optimization
  • Keyword research
  • Search engine optimization
  • Social media post formatting

If you’re ready to push your digital presence to the next level, let’s get started!


If you’re working on a project that’s meant to be printed, there are different considerations than digital products.

I’ve had the pleasure of working on annual travel guides, quarterly magazines, fundraising pamphlets, event flyers, and more. Whether you’re working with one page or 100, I’ll help you make sure your words are polished and visually appealing.

This can include:

  • Captions and pull quotes
  • Copy trimming
  • Grammar and spelling
  • Recasting orphans, widows, and runts

*Due to the expense of printing, expect more revisions in this process than with digital projects to ensure everything is exactly to your liking.

Please note: I am not a graphic designer. I can only work within the template or files you provide and suggest minor graphic adjustments. If you are looking for someone to create your print project from scratch, I am happy to point you to people who will do a fantastic job.